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Surface Duo gets an update – but no further innovations

Microsoft has released an Android update for the Surface Duo 2 dual-screen smartphone: According to the release notes, the new version brings security-related changes. But again, there are no new features. As always, Google itself launched the Android security update early this month, and now Microsoft is already in the process of releasing the custom update to Surface Duo 2 owners.

This is reported by the online magazine neowin Since this new update contains security-related changes, the update is highly recommended for all Duo 2 owners. According to Microsoft, the update contains no changes other than the May security patch for Android. This is surprising, as the group had announced that it would be submitting new features for the Duo 2 with regular updates. The update for the first-generation device, on the other hand, saw improvements for the camera again.

New version 2022.110.15

According to the changelog, the Surface Duo has been updated to version 2022.110.15. The table of contents is relatively short. It just says, “Resolves scenarios described in the Android Security Bulletin – May 2022.” That Microsoft wants to use Android development again has been leaked and confirmed by the company in recent months.

So far, however, little has been noticed. For example, Microsoft is expected to work on an implementation of Android 12 for the Surface Duo series, more specifically on the UI variant Android 12L. With Android 12L, Google has launched a user interface specifically optimized for larger and split screens. The next big Microsoft event takes place next week – the Build developer conference.