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Taiwanese game generates controversy over President Xi


Comparing Chinese President Xi Jinping with Winnie the Pooh might interest a few, yet the Chinese government isn’t giggling. Authorities have now stripped computer game distributor Indievent of its business permit for its association in the Taiwanese horror game Devotion, which referenced the dubious image. The news originated from Another Indie co-founder Iain Garner, who tweeted the content of the request prior this week.

While Red Candle Games, the Taiwanese designer of the offensive game, is far from Chinese government authorizes, the China-based Indievent isn’t so fortunate.

Devotion bafflingly vanished from Steam back in February after Chinese patriots detected a notice in the game that read, “Xi Jinping Winnie the Pooh moron”, according to GameDaily.  Conservative gamers quickly started flooding Steam with negative audits of the game, g calling out the Taiwanese video game developer for mocking the Mainland Chinese. Red Candle Games apologized for the incident and said the poster’s inclusion was accidental and vowed to fix the problem. In spite of such measures, Devotion still can’t seem to come back to Steam. Another troubling sign is that game developer Red Candle Games hasn’t tweeted since February nineteenth, the date of Devotion’s discharge.

China’s abhorrence for Winnie the Pooh goes a long ways past simply direct comparisons of President Xi to the bear. The adored A.A. Milne character itself is viewed as an image of civil noncompliance in the country. China’s blue pencils started prohibiting pictures of Winnie the Pooh after internet memes comparing the cuddly bear to the Chinese leader emerged after Xi visited the US in 2013. The country has gone to outrageous lengths to eradicate the picture of the bear from open learning; even censoring the release of the 2018 film Christopher Robin and blocking HBO’s website after comedian John Oliver made fun of China’s censorship of the bear.

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