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TCL unveils Triple Foldable Phone Design


TCL is aiming to launch a phone with two folds. The company has unveiled a triple foldable phone design.

Both Samsung and Huawei failed in launching a worth-buying foldable phone. It is important to design a phone that is still useful once folded.

TCL’s unfolded foldable phone appears to be a normal 10-inch rectangular table. TCL has decided to opt for two hinges folding in opposite directions. This will ensure that at least one fold will always be on the outside to be used as a regular phone.

Once the device is partially folded it gives it “Z” shape. TCL knows that innovative hinges designs will be a turning point for foldable phones.

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Foldable phones are the next big thing. When unfolded the phone will have large screens better for reading, watching videos, gaming, and multitasking.

Earlier Samsung launched Galaxy Fold, but it was highly expensive. “It’s a 2,000-dollar price point, so it’s too expensive, really, for most people to buy.” 

Huawei also launched the Mate X Foldable smartphone in February this year, and then Huawei launched a new upgraded Mate X Foldable smartphone with Kirin 990 chip.

We reported earlier that Google has filed for a patent application recently and it seems that Google might launch a foldable phone as well.

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