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Technology Can Enable Telepathy In The Next Decade

A device is being developed by a company called Openwater that can give them access to the minds and bodies of people. How this technology operates is through a piece of clothing like a ski-hat with LCDs on it and lightened with infrared. At the moment this technology is used to detect diseases inside your body like tumors, internal bleeding or closed arteries. It is expected thought that in just eight years this technology would be used by people for communication through thoughts.

This company was founded by Dr Mary Lou Jepsen in 2016 who is also a former Facebook and Google executive.

The small pixels in LCD with body temperature detectors allow scanning at MRI resolution. The inside of ski-hat is lined by LCD’s and sensors. Dr Jespen explained that MRI machines are used to see your thoughts, what she did was just to shrink that technology. MRI technology takes images of organs via magnetic fields and radio waves, whereas Openwater technology scans brain or body via infrared light.

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This technology could also be used for uploading, downloading and even enlarging our memories. It seems like our brain would soon be able to operate like a smartphone.

The question is when this technology would be released. Well as per Openwater certain prototypes will be available to partners till next year.

Innovation would speed up through this technology. People can actually download their thoughts and just send them to a 3D printer to make the perfect film.

Other companies are also working towards telepathy. Neuralink Company by Elon Musk is also working on linking human brain with a machine.

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