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Teen hacks Apple hoping to land a job


On the off chance that you were a teen planning to find a job at a tech giant, how might you go about it? Plan your education and hope you in the long run land an entry-level position? An Australian had another, less customary strategy.

The teenager hacked Apple and conceded while conceding that he trusted this would get him a job at the iPhone creator. He’d heard that Apple contracted a European who’d done likewise, and had accepted that a job was hanging tight for him the minute he was found. Unmistakably, law authorization had different thoughts.

Fortunately, this doesn’t seem, by all accounts, to be the early end to his profession. Like his accomplice in the hacks, the high schooler won’t confront a conviction – rather, he’s on a $500 AUD (about $346 US) good conduct bond for nine months. He was 13 when he began the hacks, and the judge for the situation trusted testimony that the teenager had been utilizing his innovative powers for good from that point forward. He would have liked to study digital security and criminology at college and wasn’t savoring the possibility of a hacking conviction recoloring his record.

As for Apple? A spokesperson didn’t comment on the case itself in a statement to Australia’s ABC. Instead, it stressed that its staff “vigilantly protect” company networks, and “contained” the hacks before reporting them to police. No one’s personal data was exposed, Apple said. Despite the follies of youth, the teen may just have to do well in school, land the right jobs and make a few connections — like anyone else.

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