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Telegram gets premium features in Beta

The operators of Telegram Messenger, which has been recording increasing user numbers for a long time, are also thinking about financing models. This will likely culminate in the imminent introduction of the app’s premium features. Some beta testers noticed the innovation in version 8.7.2, which they recently received.

According to this, the premium customers aren’t provided with outstanding features that other users have to do without – it’s more about additional useful content like new sticker sets and reaction emojis. These can be unlocked by subscribing to Telegram Premium – at least that’s what the beta app says, huh AndroidPolice reported. However, Telegram Premium does not yet exist. At least not in the already published app.

However, users who have access to the TestFlight builds of the messenger app, as well as the test server, can already send themselves emojis and similar content that was previously unavailable – and since payment features apparently haven’t been implemented yet, it can still be done. free access to the respective areas.

Payment model required

It is not yet clear how exactly the additional paid content will be integrated. However, based on the current functionality, it seems that the recipient only sees the premium stickers if he is also a premium customer himself. It is not yet possible to say whether this will also be the case in the final version – also because the Telegram operators have not yet responded to questions on the subject.

Pricing plans are still in the dark. However, it has been clear for some time that something needs to be done in the direction of financing. Telegram founder Pavel Durov had already pointed out at the end of 2020 that they were monetizing the app. This is to prevent the platform from having to be sold for a profit at some point, as was the case with WhatsApp.

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