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Problems with Telegram: Minister Faeser puts shutdown threat into perspective


After her advance in the fight against hate speech and the spread of fake news, Federal Secretary of the Interior Nancy Faeser is now rowing back, it seems. In a new interview, she took back the “full toughness” previously announced to Telegram. According to a report by Federal Secretary of the Interior Nancy Faeser, Hessian radio distanced itself from the earlier tough demands on the courier service Telegram. Just a few weeks ago, Faeser publicly confirmed that the service would be blocked in the event of further violations of German laws. This threat was necessary because Telegram had not previously responded to two lawsuits initiated by the Federal Office of Justice. “This federal government will not accept that,” Faeser said at the time.

Shutdown as a last resort

In addition, “Die Zeit” quoted the minister as saying “the closure of Telegram is the last resort”. While this suggests that no one should expect Telegram to simply be deactivated any time soon. But it also showed what the new government is working towards. Now Nancy Faeser reports almost forgivingly in an interview in the Hessenschau. It says “Of course my goal is not to disable Telegram”. With the threat, the minister wanted to increase the attention of the provider and increase the pressure on him. The threat of shutdown was a means to an end – and if you read between the lines now, it seems to have worked. However, a number of measures are currently being taken to target Telegram users. For example, the Federal Criminal Investigation Department (BKA) has set up a task force that will identify and prosecute suspects in the event of threats, insults or calls for murder via messenger.
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