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Telegram introduces new updates

Telegram is all set to introduce several new features by the end of the year. It is releasing several new tools to the app. The new tools range from reduced space storage to spoiler effects for media, and much more. It is assumed that the capacity to cover images with a spoiler filter is going to be the best addition by Telegram.

If you are a user of atwitter, you might have noticed that jokes and some images are concealed behind a blurred filter. The latest updates by Telegram introduce something similar. The new media tag conceals the videos and photos. The user has to click on them to view them clearly.

Telegram is providing its users the ability to control their storage space. Presently, the app is good at using the storage of the device. The ability to auto-remove will provide the users with more control. Given the latest updates, users can choose the conversations for which they desire to turn on the option of auto-delete. The auto-delete feature will automatically delete cache media files from the channels, group chat, and private chats. Additionally, the platform has been integrated with a pie chart. The chart shows how much is used at any given time.

The updated tools for drawing and adding text look similar to the ones presented on Instagram or Snapchat. Users can decorate their pictures with their artwork using emojis and other features. Alongside this, some changes have been introduced to profile pictures as well. It will enable substituting the contact photos without letting others know about it. The users can also suggest their contacts about their profile picture. Furthermore, support for multiple profile photos is added. This option is provided with both public as well as private options. Thus, providing unlimited customize options to the users.

In addition to these features, several other changes are also part of the new updates. These include the option for hiding the member list in large groups, more emojis, and new animations that appear while loading the app. Check out the APK from APK Mirror or check the Play Store for updates.

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