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Telegram Would Let Users To Pay For Removing Advertisements

The messenger platform Telegram has an interesting idea of ​​how to earn money in the future: On the one hand, they offer advertising in large channels. On the other hand, they plan to make users pay for not being shown the ads.

It’s about the Telegram channels that have more than 1,000 subscribers. Telegram recently announced that these chats could be used for advertising. The advertising may only consist of a short message, Telegram initially only wants to allow up to 160 characters per advertising ad. These plans have been known since October, and now Telegram CEO Pavel Durov has announced the additional idea for advertising MS PowerUser reported.

The revenue idea derived from “user requests”

Telegram will therefore offer a subscription service to deactivate advertising. Telegram CEO Durov wrote the following:

“Many users have suggested introducing the ability to opt-out of official advertising on Telegram channels. Today we are announcing two more changes:

1. Users will be able to opt-out of official advertising.

We have already started working on this new one We are looking forward to launching it later this month and will be available in the form of a low-cost subscription that will allow any user to fund the development of Telegram directly and never see official advertisements on the channels.

2. Channel authors will be able to turn off official advertising on their channels for all users. Some channel authors would also like to turn off advertising on their channels for all users. At the moment we are calculating the economic terms for this option. Advertisers will soon be able to run an “invisible” ad on any channel that, assuming the cost per impression is sufficient, will result in no ads appearing on that channel.

We will continue to work on features that will enable Telegram to break even. The interests of users and content authors will continue to be our priority. “

Telegram press department also contacted Research Snipers and said this as additional information, “Sponsored messages will not be posted in groups or private chats. As well, sponsored messages will not be targeted with user data.

Not free for life

Both new releases are certainly irritating for die-hard Telegram fans because the service was once started with the promise to remain free in the long term. Now you will still be able to use the messenger without paying, but then advertisements will be displayed. In addition, the idea of ​​not showing advertising may be a good idea for users, but the advertising partners will not honor it. It now remains to be seen how the whole thing develops.