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Former Tesla Manager Now Fixing Apple Car

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There’s inside news again on Apple’s self-driving car plans. A former Tesla manager who worked for the electric car pioneer in the team responsible for developing the autopilot has now joined Apple.

This is reported by the business magazine Bloomberg. Accordingly, Apple has hired former Tesla Autopilot software executive Christopher Moore. Even if Apple has so far hardly commented on the plans in public: The employment of Christopher Moore is further confirmation of Apple’s plans for self-driving cars. This job change is just the latest example of Apple’s efforts to accelerate its own vehicle plans.

Ex-Tesla Autopilot Manager Has Now Joined Apple

The hiring of Christopher Moore is now bringing an interesting dynamic to the auto project, according to Bloomberg. Moore has in the past refuted statements by Tesla CEO Elon Musk that the autopilot performance could reach autonomy level 5 within a few years. Autonomy level 5 means that the vehicles drive autonomously, i.e. not only receive temporary support from a system.

Moore is considered an enthusiast, but he is also critical when it comes to realistic implementation. Moore is now said to report to Apple manager Stuart Bowers, another employee who previously worked at Tesla and was taken over by Apple.

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For the past five years, Apple has quite obviously been working on a self-driving electric vehicle with the project name Titan. While Apple’s exact goals are not known, the Apple Car project seems to continue to move forward – at least that’s what Bloomberg believes. With regard to the self-driving software, Apple should use its LiDAR scanners, known from the iPhone and iPad, and video cameras to capture the environment. It will be interesting to see when Apple will hold an official presentation of the project. By the way, insiders expect that the Apple car will be the project with which the current Apple CEO Tim Cook wants to retire.

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