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Tesla Model 3 Farting When You Open The Doors


Tesla likes to make a lot of noise about the wide-ranging options that software updates can offer. Now, in connection with a fun function, there is a bug that stinks to the person concerned. Model 3 farts every time the doors are opened.

The fun with the software update will be gone with the wind

Tesla is currently delivering the 2021 Holiday Update and, in addition to countless other adjustments, brings a new user interface for Model 3 and Y and the option to activate a blind spot camera. Aside from the undoubtedly useful adjustments, the new firmware also comes with some fun functions – including a light show. As Teslarati writes, precisely such a feature in Model 3 can currently lead to a “strange and involuntarily weird (apparent) error”.

The Model 3 has had the so-called “Emissions Testing” mode since 2018, also known as “Fart Mode” by the community. As the name suggests, behind it is the possibility of being able to trigger different fart noises at different points of the vehicle – it is without a doubt the most sophisticated exhaust mode in the automotive industry. In the Tesla 3 subreddit, however, a user recently spoke up, with an error here that is causing a problem.


“My Tesla doesn’t stop farting”

Accordingly, he tried in every possible way to deactivate the “Emissions Testing” mode. “My Tesla still farts every time I open the door,” is the desperate description. In the meantime, the user has also submitted a short video that allows external observers to assess the apparently windy situation for themselves.

Last but not least, a simple soft reset eased the situation. “What a relief”, “It’s good to hear that the problem has disappeared” are just some of the comments on the solution to the problem.