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Tesla no desk chaos: Musk is forcing everyone into offices, but there are no desks

In early June, Elon Musk caused a stir. Since the Tesla boss has sent all employees to the offices, home offices should only be available in exceptional cases. Anyone who doesn’t like it should be fired. But the employees are now getting into trouble at the offices.

Come back to the office or you’ll be fired. That was the clear announcement from Elon Musk a few weeks ago. But apparently, the heavy demand was not particularly well prepared. Because the employees followed their boss’s instructions, but according to a report by the information (through The verge) the whole action was neither thought through nor well prepared.

Chaotic return to the office

Because the employees who arrived at the factory and the former headquarters in Fremont, California, encountered a whole series of practical problems. There was not enough parking space for everyone, too few desks, and a WLAN that was slow and sometimes completely broken under a load of so many users.

Elon Musk is seen by many as a genius and visionary, but he is clearly not very good at everyday practicalities. Because the reason for this overload of the workplace situation was quickly found: Tesla currently has almost 100,000 employees, which is about twice as many as in 2019 – ie before the outbreak of the pandemic. Even the most recent layoffs can’t change that.

Musk recently said internally that he has a “very bad feeling” about the economy and that 10 percent of Tesla employees should look for new jobs. The employees who are now back in the office have identified a whole series of problems. Many had to park miles away and be taken to the office. There were not enough desks because Tesla used the associated spaces for other purposes during the pandemic. According to the report, the desk situation was so bad that executives instructed some employees to work from home anyway.

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