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Tesla offers free superchargers in the Netherlands

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Tesla has now opened all Supercharger locations in the Netherlands to third-party brands. The prerequisite for charging is the Tesla smartphone app in addition to CSS, and the pilot project is only available to drivers from some European countries.

That reports that Online magazine Teslamag Last year there were rumors that Tesla wanted to open its highly developed charging network to non-Tesla vehicles in the future. At the end of 2021, it was announced that the group had started a test in which charging e-cars from other brands was possible at the first locations in the Netherlands and Norway, among others. The test phase went well – and now Tesla has already approved all superchargers in the Netherlands. More locations have also been added in France and Norway.

Other requirements

All vehicles that are CCS compliant are supported. In addition, the charging stations in the Netherlands, France and Norway are only available to users residing in one of these countries: Germany, Belgium, France, the Netherlands and Norway. about the Tesla website you can now view which superchargers have been released for third-party products. According to Tesla, this pilot is available in the Netherlands, France and Norway. However, Tesla does not provide information about prices website – you need to call up the app and display the price for the location in question. There is a clear price difference between “Tesla” and “non-Tesla” vehicles: At the charging point we selected in the Netherlands you would have to pay 71 cents per kWh for a third-party brand. If you click on a Supercharger in Laxou, France, you will see a price of 61 cents.

This means that Tesla drivers have a significant price advantage. According to Tesla, charging costs are flexible: “Prices for non-Tesla drivers reflect the additional costs associated with supporting charging a wide variety of vehicles and adapting our locations to accommodate these vehicles. Prices vary by location and you can see how prices in the Tesla app. The price per kWh for charging can be reduced with a charging subscription.” In addition, a blocking fee of a maximum of 1 euro per minute applies if you do not move your vehicle within five minutes of charging. The lockout fee only applies if the Supercharger station is more than 50 percent full. See also: electric mobility, electric car, e-car, volkswagen, vw, charging station, e-up Nanni Brancati

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