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Tesla To Equip Its Supercharger Network With Starlink Connection

Tesla supercharger

The Elon Musks companies have found the next point where their products can complement each other: The electric car manufacturer Tesla has started to equip its charging stations with receiving systems for the Starlink data network.

The first charging stations in the USA are already being equipped with plate antennas, which are used to supply ground stations with internet connections via satellite. However, it should only be a matter of time before Tesla also supplies its charging facilities with the corresponding systems in all other countries. These then make data connections available in their surroundings via WLAN.

Depending on the charge level of the battery, it can take up to 30 minutes for the quick charger to recharge the car. With the Starlink systems, users would then have the option of accessing the Internet regardless of the cellular network at the respective location and either doing something or passing the time.

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A wide variety of options are already available for this in the Tesla vehicles. For example, the on-board system offers apps for access to Netflix, Twitch, and YouTube, but other streaming offers and the Tesla Arcade game service can also be used. Up to now, this has also been possible for a surcharge using the cellular modules integrated into the car. However, by no means do all drivers use this premium service.

Musk had therefore announced some time ago that the charging stations would be equipped with WiFi. This should also benefit drivers from other brands, who will also be able to use the systems in the future. It is only logical that Tesla is using Starlink for this because this way the service of the sister company SpaceX can also be demonstrated in practice, which might bring a few more customers right away.