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Tesla raises the price of the “Self-Driving” Cars on September 5

For the second time this year, Tesla is raising the price of its Full Self-Driving (FSD) feature in the US. Elon Musk has announced that the price will soon rise to $15,000. It is not yet known when the price will also be adjusted worldwide.

In fact, you should think that, after all the negative headlines in recent weeks about the autonomous driving features, Tesla would rather stop selling the FSD feature than raise the price – but it’s different again.

It will be $3,000 more expensive

Tesla founder Elon Musk plans to raise the price in the US from the current $12,000 to $15,000. He previously announced this on Twitter. The new price applies to all vehicles ordered from September 5. At the beginning of the year, the car company had asked for $10,000 for fully self-driving driving. In Germany, 7,500 euros are currently being called.

It is unknown how long this will remain stable. “Note that you can convert your existing vehicle to FSD within 2 minutes via the Tesla app,” Musk added on Twitter when announcing the price. He did not say whether Tesla will increase the price of its FSD subscriptions. Adding the software currently costs up to $199 per month, depending on current Autopilot capabilities.

Ridiculously Cheap

Musk hinted as early as July that Tesla would raise the price of FSD again when he said the $12,000 software was “ridiculously cheap” and that a price increase would mean the difference between Tesla’s “worth a lot of money and practically nothing.” Musk had also stated that the price will continue to rise as Tesla gets closer to releasing the final FSD production code. So far it is only a beta version that cannot be used worldwide yet.