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Tesla recall extended: now more than 650,000 vehicles coming back

According to media reports, Tesla has now extended the voluntary recall of Model 3 and Model S to China. It concerns a defect in the trunk locking system and possible problems with the reversing camera. A few days ago it became known that Tesla Motors is calling almost half a million vehicles back to the workshops. The recall is now expanding – around 200,000 more vehicles that were built in the Gigafactory Shanghai also have to be repaired. Like now that Reuters news agency reports, the recall was started with the Chinese market surveillance authority for around 20,000 imported Model S and 36,000 imported Model 3. In addition, around 144,000 Model 3s that were produced in Shanghai are said to be affected. Such models were also shipped to Germany and Europe in general.

Although the Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) responsible for Germany is currently unable to find anything about a voluntary Tesla recall campaign, that should only be a matter of time. We are talking about a possibly misaligned front trunk lock. As a result of the installation, the hood of the Model S could open while driving, which could lead to serious accidents. According to Tesla estimates, around 14 percent of all recalled Model Ss could be affected by the problem, so they now want to check everything.

Back to the Tesla workshop

According to the reports so far, there have not yet been any accidents that could be traced back to the installation problem. The second error concerns the Model 3. With the Model 3, the error can result in the wiring harness for attaching the rear view camera being damaged by opening and closing the trunk regularly. This in turn can lead to an unexpected failure of the camera. With Model 3, Tesla believes that only every 100th vehicle could be affected by the problem. The recall campaign in China is justified with the same two errors. In all cases, Tesla will notify the affected owners. Tesla will check every vehicle and, if necessary, repair the lock or wiring harness of the reversing camera. More about Tesla: Logo, car, electric cars, tesla, Tesla Motors, electric car, e-car, Model 3, Tesla Model S, Tesla Model 3