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Tesla Under Criticism for new representation in an outlawed region


For some, Elon Musk is a visionary and genius, for others a ruthless capitalist who goes over corpses for profit. The latter currently seems to be confirmed, as Tesla has opened a shop in a region that is notorious for suppressing the Uyghurs. Tesla opens a dealership. That in itself would not be worth reporting, because, with the exception of the fact that the carmaker in the West relies on direct sales, this is nothing special.

Nevertheless, the sales and service center opened on New Year’s Eve in the Xinjiang region has generated enormous criticism of the company. Because there the Islamic ethnic group of the Uyghurs is massively suppressed and exploited through forced labor. More than that: In a joint statement with Great Britain and Canada, the US State Department has accused China of abusing the Uyghurs through “forced labor, mass incarceration in internment camps, and forced sterilization”. The EU has also sharply condemned the treatment of the Uyghurs and imposed sanctions.

Trade with Xinjiang is more than frowned upon in the west. The US recently imposed a trade ban prohibiting business with Xinjiang companies unless they can prove that their products were not made using forced labor. But Tesla doesn’t seem to care in the least. The criticism of Tesla and Elon Musk CNBC reported: Republican Senator Marco Rubio, author of the bill, reported on his press account: “Immediately after President Biden signed Senator Rubio’s Law to Prevent Uyghur Forced Labor, Tesla opened a store in Xinjiang. Non-national corporations help the Chinese Communist Party, To cover up genocide and slave labor in the region. ” Other representatives of industry and human rights organizations also sharply criticized Tesla for this.

China versus Musk

At the moment, China is not particularly good at Elon Musk, because the Tesla and SpaceX bosses were attacked for two near-collisions with the Chinese space station.