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Lenovo Smart Clock Essential: Smart Alexa alarm clock with extra light


Lenovo presented a smart alarm clock with Alexa integration at CES 2022, which is much different from the competition. Only “essential” information is shown on the monochrome display, a dock creates a child-friendly bedside lamp.

A smart alarm clock that saves a lot of bells and whistles

Smart alarm clocks and displays are available in different shapes, colors and with clear differences in the range of functions. With the new “Smart Clock Essential” model, Lenovo obviously wants to land in a niche again with idiosyncratic features and a very minimal design. The first, obvious difference: Instead of a full display, viewers look again at a monochrome display without a touch function that provides information about the time, battery level, day, weather, and alarm clock status.

It can be operated using four buttons on the top, and there is also a switch on the back that completely deactivates the microphones. The connection with the Amazon assistant Alexa is established by voice commands that are registered by two built-in microphones. Lenovo remains at the lower end of the possibilities that this built-in Amlogic A113X board offers – theoretically up to 6 microphones can be addressed here. On the other hand, the RAM is quite generous with 4 GB.

The connection to the network is only made via 2.4 GHz WiFi. Lenovo puts an exclamation mark behind the possibility of integrating the Smart Clock into loudspeaker groups or using it as an intercom. Last but not least, the watch is also suitable as a simple box that can be fed with content via Bluetooth 5.1 – with the built-in 3-watt front speaker with corresponding playback quality.

Customizable with light docks

The difference in the battle for customer favor should then be made by docking accessories that allow further personalization. Suitable for the intended area of ​​application on the bedside table, the Ambient Light Dock will be presented at CES 2022, which turns your watch into a night light. The two available designs, “octopus” and “sea lion”, leave no doubt that this extension should be particularly popular with children. For adults, the wireless charging dock with night light is more interesting, which was introduced last year with the model colleague Smart Clock 2 and is also compatible with the Smart Clock Essential.

The Smart Clock Essential with Alexa should be available in stores from April 2022 at the latest at a price of just under 70 euros, the Ambient Light Docks will also be available from April for 30 euros, the wireless charging dock is already available for 40 euros.