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Tesla Using AMD Ryzen Chips For Y Model Instead Of Intel

Tesla started shipping the Model Y Performance from the factory in China a few days ago. According to the latest reports, the automobile manufacturer is now using an AMD chip for the first time – previously processors from Nvidia and Intel were used.

The guesswork out of the new processors in the Tesla Model Y: According to the online magazine Electrek, Tesla is now using an AMD Ryzen chip for the MCU (Media Control Unit) of the Model Y Performance for the first time. This was discovered by the first customers who have already received their new car. It is currently not clear whether only the new Model Y Performance will use the AMD chip or all Model Y will get it. So far it has at least been the case that, as a rule, all vehicle variants were equipped with the same onboard computer.

Chip Shortage Affects Production

Tesla had already used AMD chips for the new media control units in the revised Model S. It looks like AMD is becoming an increasingly important partner for Tesla. Insiders are now keeping an eye on the areas in which Tesla will switch to AMD chips. Bottlenecks in processor production had led to production stoppages in the entire industry in the last few months and so mixed up a lot.

It is therefore not surprising when an automobile manufacturer uses the chips that are available. The only question is whether it is a short-term solution, whether it will result in a loss of performance, and where the journey will go in the first place. Since Tesla has already switched to AMD with other models, this could also be the beginning of a new partnership. First, Tesla worked with Nvidia, then switched to Intel, and now it looks like the automaker is moving to the big American semiconductor company AMD. Since the group does not have a press department to comment on such rumors, speculation remains.