The address bar on Google Chrome will receive several upgrades

In the world of the internet, an address bar is the most crucial component of a web browser. According to some recent pieces of information, the address bar on the world-famous Google Chrome is about to receive several upgrades. The new upgrades add new features and speed to the address bar. Notably, the upgrades have been introduced in lieu of the 15th anniversary of Google Chrome and the Material You theme.

One of the most noteworthy upgrades is site suggestion. According to Google, this feature can list the sites in the address bar that the user hasn’t visited before. There is no clue whether it is for advertising purposes or a meaningful upgrade that will direct users to relevant websites. Interestingly, this feature is already available on both desktop and mobile versions of the app.

A few other modifications cater to the user’s sloppy typing skills. In case, a user mistypes a website’s URL, the browser will open the intended destination. In the past, it only worked if the URL was correct. However, it is changing now. It aligns well with autocompletion. With just a few keystrokes, Chrome can now identify websites more quickly. While this capability was available in earlier releases of Chrome, it’s important to note that the latest version ignores mistakes and recommends websites outside of your search history. Chrome desktop users will be the first to use this feature.

In addition to this, the physical layout of the address bar has also been modified. According to Google, the new layout is easy to read and better at responses. Furthermore, if a user types the folder name in the address bar, Chrome can search the bookmark folders. This is quite an appreciable feature since it will bring in a lot of convenience.  

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