At least forty employees of Google’s news section were fired

According to some recent pieces of information, the tech giant Google has fired a bunch of workers from its news division. The source claims that the company fired around 40 or 45 workers. The news was shared by an Alphabet Workers Union spokesperson while talking to CNBC.

According to the source, the news division has hundreds of employees. We’re firmly committed to a thriving information ecosystem, and news is a component of that long-term investment, he continued. Furthermore, the source mentioned several internal changes that will help the company smoothly manage Google News given the recent layoffs.

He shared that the company is extending the transition period support to laid-off employees. The company is providing them with outplacement services and severance. It goes without saying that a lot of people like to get their news from Google News. The company informs people about events based on their interests by presenting content from several publishers and sources.

According to Google, layoffs won’t impact service quality

In response to a question about the effect of layoffs on the company’s efforts to combat misinformation, the spokesperson said that internal modifications and restrictions don’t impact the quality of misinformation and information work in the News. A Google News staff engineer said on LinkedIn after the layoffs, “These are some of the most outstanding and sharpest people I’ve ever worked with,” and “We’re certainly worse off without them.”

It is actually a small portion of the big changes happening at Google. In January 2023, the company declared that 12,000 employees would be laid off. It generally means that the company will let go of 6% of its workforce. Last month, the company laid off hundreds of employees from various positions. The impact of the recent layoffs on Google News as a product will be evident in the future.

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