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The Android 12L Beta 2 Is Now Live On The Lenovo P12 Pro

Google, a company that’s known for software, seems to be in a weird place with its software ventures. While it deals with numerous issues with Android 12, the company wants to bring us a new version of Android called Android 12L. According to 9To5Google, this tablet-friendly version of Android is in its beta stage, and Lenovo just released the 2nd beta version of the software.

Lenovo released the 2nd beta for Android 12L

Right now, the only tablet that you can properly test out the software is the Lenovo P12 Pro tablet. This $700 tablet also received the developer previews. Lenovo just released the 2nd beta Android 12L. However, Lenovo did not provide information on what issues Google fixed or what new features there could be.While the P12 Pro is the only tablet with the official betas, Pixel phones are also getting the betas. Still, the most useful information about the software’s stability and performance will come from the P12 Pro. There were a handful of issues that users experienced while trying out the 1st beta, but we’re waiting to see if there are any noticeable improvements to the overall experience with the 2nd one.

The official launch should be relatively soon

It’s January now, so we’re not far from the projected official release. Google gave us the release schedule last year detailing when we should see Android 12L become official. While the company didn’t give us a definite date, it stated that the final version could release sometime in Q1 of 2022 (that’s assuming that everything is going as planned). It seems that way because the 2nd beta for Android 12L released in January, as planned.The 3rd beta could launch sometime next month, so we can look forward to one more beta before the launch. If the launch schedule points to Q1, then we can expect the official version to launch by the end of March.

What is Android 12L?

If you don’t recall what Android 12L is, it’s a version of Android 12 that’s formatted to work better with tables and foldable phones. Historically, Android just hasn’t been the best software for tablets and foldable phones. The UI merely stretched itself to fit the larger canvas which isn’t the best for most scenarios. Android 12L reimagines some of the UI elements in Android 12 so they can better transition to larger screens.Google overhauled several aspects of the software with Android 12. The multitasking screen will have a grid pattern, the notification shade will be divided into two columns, and there might be an app dock on the bottom like with Chromebooks.