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The Android Seamless Updates feature is not presented with Galaxy S23

The Seamless updates by Android is an amazing feature that enables Android smartphones to install the updates in the background. Followed by the installation of updates, which are later installed on the device via a reboot. One of the key advantage of this feature is that it adds a layer of added protection and security. Since users can go back to the previous status as the updates are installed on a separate disk. In the meantime, the updates are installed, and the users can use their devices.

Samsung has quite recently introduced the Galaxy S23 series. As per reports, it appears that the high-end smartphone series is not supported for the seamless updates feature. In addition to this, Android 13 required that smartphones by Samsung should feature Seamless updates. However, besides all this, the tech firm aims to introduce the Seamless Update feature to its smartphones with One UI 6.0. it is anticipated that One UI 6.0 will be introduced by some point in 2023.

Inware and Treble Info are the apps that check into the data of the system. The folks at 9to5Google checked the Galaxy S23 devices. They reported that Seamless Updates were not presented with the device. The South Korean behemoth has been dropping the Seamless Updates feature for quite some time. The previous high-end smartphone series i.e., S22 didn’t have the support for the Seamless Updates. It might be because Samsung is concerned with saving up some storage space. Since the Seamless updates feature occupies a larger chunk of storage space.

Well, this should not be a problem at all. Since Samsung can conveniently offer a baseline of 256GB with flagship devices. In addition to this, the tech company can work to reduce the size of Samsung apps. It is reported that Samsung’s app accounts for 50GB of space on the Galaxy S23 Ultra. It is comparatively large as to Galaxy S22 Ultra [30GB]. Furthermore, the tech company is under no pressure by Google to introduce the Seamless Updates feature on its smartphones.