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Tesla Model 3 Project Highland Should Surface in 2023

Project highland

Tesla is expected to start manufacturing a revised Model 3 soon. This is evident from various media reports. Accordingly, Tesla is now planning to introduce new production methods and thus bring the price of the Model 3 down significantly.

Work on the revised Model 3 is underway at Tesla under the project name “Highland”. The Reuters news agency first reported on the project in November 2022.

The first details about “Highland” emerged in November

At the beginning of December, a sighting of the prototype had already been reported. Now another new Model 3 has been spotted on the road. Kilowatt Media published pictures on Twitter. You can see a wrapped Model 3. The vehicle is covered in prominent areas so it is difficult to tell whether it is a prototype or a regular model.

Expected to start in Texas soon

Changes are therefore difficult to identify. But the rumors that have arisen about it are interesting. Contrary to what was initially reported, Tesla wants to start building a new production line for the Model 3 “2023” in the USA, more precisely in the Tesla Gigafactory in Texas. Earlier rumors had suggested that Tesla would start manufacturing Project Highlands in China in late 2023.

Insiders now believe that the new Model 3 will be seen much faster than initially expected and that it will be significantly cheaper than before. Elon Musk had already commented on this – his goal is to reduce production costs, introduce new production methods and thus save up to 20 percent in production costs. This should make the Model 3 significantly cheaper again, which of course gives it a market advantage over the competition.

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