The App Store prices will increase in these countries

Given the current economic conditions, inflation is on the rise. Over the course of the previous few months, we have observed several job cuts across various sectors of businesses. Economic instability has even impacted the prices of some services. Netflix, Amazon Prime, and various other service providers have increased their monthly fees.

In accordance with some fresh pieces of information, the App Store prices for selected apps are going to increase in some selected regions. The impacted regions include Nigeria, Tanzania, Egypt, and Turkey. Periodically, Apple informs developers of local tax changes that will have an impact on the cost of their apps. The most recent modifications are applicable to apps with shops outside of the affected nations.

The pricing for apps and in-app purchases, except auto-renewable subscriptions, will be changed for Egypt, Nigeria, Tanzania, and Turkey storefronts on July 25. This information was provided by Apple in an email to developers. If their base shop is in certain nations or if they manually handle price changes, developers won’t need to do anything.

The following tax changes will be taken into account when those prices are updated:

• Egypt: implementation of a 14% value-added tax (VAT)

• Tanzania: implementation of a 2% digital service tax and an 18% VAT

• Turkey: the VAT rate was raised to 20% from 18%.

According to the information provided by the company, the storefronts that are located outside Egypt, Nigeria, Tanzania, or Turkey will be required to pay the increased prices for developer’s apps or in-app purchases. Do remember that the changes in price don’t include auto-renewable subscriptions.

In order to view the forthcoming modifications in prices, developers can have a look at them in the Pricing and Availability section of My Apps in App Store Connect.  The changes do not apply to consumers outside the specified regions.  

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