Wistron is selling its Karnataka, India plant to Tata Group

Riots India Wistron

Wistron is one of the iPhone manufacturing partners of Apple. In India, Wistron had its plant in Karnataka. As per some recent pieces of information, the company is pulling out of the region. It is selling the plant to some native company. The available information suggests that Wistron will sell the iPhone assembling plant to Tata Group where Tata Group is a well-known business in the country.  

Lately, Tata Group has been trying to collaborate with Wistron. This information was followed by rumors of Wistron pulling out of the country and finally the news is confirmed. Inc24, an Indian tech media site, reports that Tata Group will soon acquire Wistron’s Karnataka factory. Approximately 10,000 people are supposedly employed by the plant, which is presently producing the iPhone 14 line.

An unidentified Wistron executive said that Apple had prevented the company from being profitable in May 2023 when discussing the factory’s closure. The executive said that Wistron is not profiting from Apple’s business in India. It attempted to negotiate with Apple for larger profits, but because it was a lesser player globally than Foxconn and Pegatron, it lacked the requisite leverage.

The fact that Apple ultimately placed Wistron on probation after the company’s abuse of its employees caused riots in 2020 may also be a problem. However, the company restricted its management and later qualified for the local government’s $1 billion incentive plan. The incentive was granted for upscaling the local production.

Well, just yesterday it was reported that Foxconn is pulling out of a major project. Reportedly, Foxconn pulled out of a $19.5 billion joint project with India’s Vedanta company. Besides these two companies pulling out of India, the country is on the whole profiting from the reduced dependence of Apple on China.

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