The Best Apps for College Students: From Study Aid to Budgeting

Being a college student is always exhausting and stressful. Often, young people have too much on their plates and have no clue how to deal with all their commitments and chores effectively. But that’s when technology steps in.

Today, thanks to technology, you can access a wealth of great tools to simplify your everyday life. Read on to discover the top 10 greatest apps that will change your student life right now!


According to surveys, homework, and academic writing are the two things students find the most challenging and stressful in college. So our list deservedly begins with a service where you can pay for papers and reduce this stress. WritePaper is a web-based app created with students’ pain points in mind. It’s a place where you will find a large pool of writers with MA and Ph.D. degrees in literally any subject, ready to “write my assignment for me with WritePaper” and ensure your academic success.

Google Calendar

Many students, especially freshmen, find it hard to get on the right track with their busy schedules. But the next app on our list offers a smart solution. Google Calendar is a very basic yet indispensable application for students’ toolkits. It has been around since 2006 and is still considered one of the most convenient scheduling and time-management services available. With its help, you will gain more control over your life and tasks and will be able to find the so-needed balance.


It’s proven that handwritten notes can boost information retention. However, they are very easy to lose. Besides, taking notes by hand is too outdated in the modern world, not to mention how tiring it can be. Evernote is a modernized note-taking solution that you should try instead. You can install this app on your computer, tablet, and even smartphone and start taking effective, well-organized notes with ease. The best part is that this tool will synchronize all your notes across connected devices, so you will have access to them wherever you go.

Google Drive

These days, everyone is moving to the Cloud. And students should do the same. Having so many academic papers, assignments, and other educational materials stored in a digital format, you really want to have a convenient solution to organize, store, and access them seamlessly. Google Drive gives you this opportunity. This cloud storage is free of charge and can be used both from the browser and as an application. With its help, you can create different types of files quickly, manage them, and store all your files securely. Besides, it gives you an opportunity to collaborate on your files with other users and seamlessly share them.


According to studies, flashcards are among the most powerful study tools ever invented. They help create better connections with the studied material in your brain and, thus, retain knowledge for longer. If you want to experience all the benefits of studying with flashcards, try Quizlet. This awesome app will let you use pre-built sets of flashcards or create your own on any subject and topic. Use them to learn complex concepts simply and ace your exams.


Being in college is associated with a ton of stress. Often, students get so pressured by daily tasks and challenges that it leads to burnout and even depression. So it’s crucial that they find a way to relax and maintain their well-being. Headspace is an excellent tool for this purpose. This app will let you dive into the world of meditation and discover its true power. With Headspace, you can resist daily stress better and take control of all areas of your life.


Networking has a huge power in today’s world. It helps you discover unique opportunities, create a network of valuable contacts, make friends, and even find a job. HubSpot revealed that as many as 85% of jobs are filled through it. So if you want to find a job right now or have connections that will let you do it after graduation, you need to start networking right now. LinkedIn is the best app to do this. This social network will connect you to millions of professionals, HRs, and employers and offer plenty of networking opportunities.


Traveling holds many benefits for young people. It helps you discover your true self, build character, and develop a variety of handy skills. However, traveling while in college often seems way too expensive. That’s why you need Hostelworld. This great tool features one of the largest catalogs of affordable accommodations in over 178 countries. With its help, you can take your travel to the next level without going over your budget.


Speaking about traveling, another massive expense that must be covered is transportation. Often, flight tickets make up the largest part of your travel budget. But Skyscanner can help you save on it. This app scans flight options from over 1,200 different websites and helps you find the best deals in a matter of seconds. After getting it, you will be able to travel seamlessly, even on a shoestring student’s budget.


The last one on our list is one of the greatest apps for simple budgeting. Goodbudget is basically a digital version of the famous envelope method. The envelope system is a great way to get on the right track with budgeting. It helps you set aside money for necessities and fixed expenses, like rent, education, etc. This approach enables you to portion your monthly budget into different categories in advance to ensure that you have all the necessities covered. With Goodbudget, you will easily master the envelope system and start using your funds wisely.

The Bottom Line

Being a student is a tough task. This new chapter of your life will definitely bring a lot of discomfort and hurdles. But technology makes it so much simpler. Now you have the ultimate list of the best, helpful apps for college success. From the best write my essay services and student planners to budgeting tools, each of these applications can change your life for the better. So don’t hesitate to get them all now and make your life simple!

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