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The Galaxy S23 Clear Gadget Case can include previously unseen features

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Something exciting from Samsung is on its way. Reportedly, Samsung has developed a new and unique protective case for its flagship S23 series. As per the rumors, this case will be termed a Clear Gadget Case” or “Standing Case with Ring Grip Universal.”  We have now come across some interesting facts about this new product. In this short piece, we will uncover some interesting facts about this protective case.

Reportedly, the case is provided with a metal ring, an LED light as well as an interesting “Slide to Unlock” print. The print is provided on the plastic body that holds the ring. @rquandt shared the images of the case. However, it is uncertain whether the case is official or not. Since the leaked images reveal that it goes by the given names i.e., “Clear Gadget Case” and “Standing Case with Ring Grip Universal.”

The “Slide to Unlock” print could be a case that will permit the users to unlock the Galaxy S23 with a swipe. But the swipe will be on the back panel instead of the front panel. Or it could be merely an assumption. Since the printed text could be a guideline for users about unlocking the metallic ring.

Besides this, the Clear Gadget Case is also provided with an LED. The purpose of this LED, however, is unclear. Additionally, it appears like that the case would be capable of communicating with the phone in either way i.e., could be NFC. Generally, the LED light provided on the protective cases serves the purpose of showing notifications or the battery of the smartphone.

The inclusion of an NFC is quite interesting here. Since its appearance is making the Slide to Unlock print more interesting. Could this point toward a unique way of unlocking the device? Well, we will have the full and final information in just a few days.