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Samsung Launches Official Covers For Galaxy S23

Samsung aims to launch the new Galaxy S23 series in about two weeks, launching its new series of flagship smartphones. After countless pictures of the devices had recently appeared, official pictures of the covers are now available.

As usual, Samsung wants to offer all sorts of different cases for the Galaxy S23 series, which will again be available in various colors. In the case of the Galaxy S23, Galaxy S23 Plus, and Galaxy S23 Ultra, this of course includes the typical Smart View Cover with a lid in which a viewing window is integrated so that certain information can be read even when it is closed.

Samsung is also releasing some “normal” covers, including silicone and clear covers, each made of soft plastic or transparent TPU. In addition, there is also a leather cover, which is supposed to ensure a very pleasant feel with synthetic leather material.

The pictures show how the changed design of the S23 smartphone has a positive effect without a “camera hump” on the back. If you put the devices in their cases, the outer surface with the cameras protruding from the case like islands is either flush or even protruding slightly. As a result, the devices lie perfectly flat and wobble-free when placed on a table, at least when using one of the official cases.

We don’t have any pictures yet, but according to the dealer, other cover variants for the smartphones in the Galaxy S23 series are to be expected. These include silicone covers with a grip buckle on the back as well as so-called frame cases, in which an impact protection frame is combined with an insert.

Also new in the program are the “standing case with ring handle” and a rugged case that has been tested according to military standards for its resistance to falls. Apparently, the manufacturer is doing without the rugged standing case this year, which combines a thicker case with a practical stand.

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