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The Galaxy S24 series features an unexpected audio enhancement

Even though the Galaxy Unpacked 2024 event on January 17 lasted more than an hour, Samsung was unable to disclose every upgrade that the Galaxy S24 series will bring. Unsurprisingly, some information was left out.

However, we are now aware that Samsung suppressed information about at least one notable enhancement, both during Unpacked and in press materials. The Galaxy S24 series has enhanced speakers, which makes us wonder why the firm hasn’t mentioned it elsewhere.

The Galaxy S24 series delivers a better multimedia experience

The new Galaxy S24’s speakers are substantially louder than those of the Galaxy S23 and the Galaxy S22. More crucially, the improved speakers produce a richer and wider sound, with more bass and perhaps a better-optimized EQ curve. The improved speakers on the Galaxy S24 series are surely a pleasant and surprise. Samsung’s phone speakers were formerly among the worst in the industry, but the company has gone a long way, and the Galaxy S24 sounds terrific.

These speakers, paired with the brighter 2600 nit screens, provide Galaxy S24 consumers with a greater multimedia experience while on the road. Granted, they will not replace headphones for music fans. However, better speakers will not make you appear awful if you share a video with someone using the Galaxy S24. And they’re more than sufficient for gaming without headphones.

If you want to acquire the new Galaxy S24, keep in mind that the pre-order window is nearly closing. However, if you preorder now, before the end of January so you can attain the benefits of free memory upgrade along with other bonuses.

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