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The Hidden Cost of Free Proxies— What You Need to Know About Data Leakages

With many companies blocking their services outside the US, people are sometimes forced to use proxies to access their accounts. Free proxy sites advertise their services as perfect for circumventing security measures that block IP addresses from other countries. This is also a service that many people residing outside the US use to access blocked content. Unfortunately, these free US proxy sites aren’t always safe and can lead to the leaking of your personal information online.

What Is a Proxy Site?

A proxy site is intended to bypass censorship filters and access websites that aren’t available in your country. Often people use proxies for research purposes, but they’re also popular for entertainment activities. Many streaming services block content in certain countries and a proxy site can help you access that. Proxies and VPNs are similar in function and purpose, although a VPN is more advanced and can encrypt information more readily.

Connecting to a proxy can be extremely useful. A proxy server is an intermediary between the original server and the end-user. It can act as a firewall and enhance web security, but that’s usually not the primary purpose that the average user intends. If you use a proxy, your request will go through it before reaching the intended website, which means that your IP address can appear to be in a different country.

A proxy server can change the data you send and receive, concealing your IP address. It can also encrypt information in transit and can block access to specific websites. Many companies use proxies to improve internet speed, security, and privacy. The more complicated the services that the proxy offers, the more you can expect to pay.

A free proxy usually only conceals your IP address so you can access websites that aren’t available in your country.

The Risks of Free Proxy Sites

Not all free proxy sites are made equal. Some of the mobile proxies are relatively safe to use, while others pose various risks. Often, the proxy simply doesn’t work, but that’s a small risk compared to that of data leakage.

Data leakage is when the proxy site sends your information to a third party. They either sell it or set up the proxy site for the sole purpose of gathering user information. It’s reasonably easy for free proxy sites to obtain and use your data. Most people don’t read the terms and conditions before accepting them, in which case they can unknowingly agree to share information with these providers.

Your data is used for spam messages, targeted marketing, or monitoring your browsing patterns. This information can be used for malicious purposes. There have been instances of identity theft through data leakages. Usually, the free sites aren’t that sinister and only contain adware. However, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Can You Protect Your Information?

Since proxies are so popular, you may be wondering how you can use one without risking data leakage. The best solution is to use paid subscriptions instead of free services. Many subscriptions are affordable and trustworthy.

You can search for the most trusted US proxy sites so as to secure your online activity without taking the risk of your data being stolen. The prices range from very affordable to more exclusive; you can choose the service that will suit your individual needs the best.


The concept of honey potting might conjure images of Winnie the Pooh, but it’s actually a method of making the internet a little more secure. Often using free proxies, security experts set a trap for hackers by using batches of attractive-looking data. The idea is to get the hacker to spend enough time trying to steal the fake data so that the security experts can find their IP addresses and shut them down. It can lead to criminal convictions.

Honeypotting is one-way law enforcement and other security experts try to make free proxies and other free internet services safer for users. Eventually, if they succeed, you can use any reputable proxy site without having to worry about your information being used for malicious purposes.

Final Thoughts

A proxy server is necessary and valuable for many reasons, from protecting your information to online research. The risk with using free proxy services is that your personal data can be stolen and used for unwanted ads or even malicious activities. The best way to protect your internet browsing activities and personal information are to use a trusted US proxy server with a good reputation. You don’t have to pay high amounts for these services, as most are affordable and will meet your needs.

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