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The Hydrus VR guarantees to capture 8k video at 984 ocean depth

Hydrus VR

Try not to be astonished in the event that you before long observe VR video from a portion of the darker corners of the sea. Marine Imaging Technologies has propelled another camera, the Hydrus VR that guarantees 360-degree 8K video (higher-resolution than numerous present headsets) at depths of up to 984 feet, even in lighting conditions as diminish as 0.004 lux.

The 10-camera array exploits new ultra-sensitive Sony sensors to capture video at up to ISO 409,600 – the outcome will be noisy, however, may be the way to recognizing an elusive fish stowing away in a buckle.

The framework is likewise useful for undersea motion picture creators willing to hold up to get the ideal shot. It typically has enough battery power and capacity to record two long stretches of the film, yet a subsea control module can stretch out that capture time to eight hours. You can coordinate it with automated vehicles to keep people far from the activity.

Marine Imaging hasn’t given a cost. It’s safe to assume you won’t get the Hydrus VR for yourself, at any rate. More than likely, you’ll see this use for documentaries, applications and different cases where makers need you to encounter the remote ocean as though you could touch the coral yourself.

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