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The Incognito tabs on Google Chrome can now be unlocked with your fingerprint

Recently, Google announced in an official post that Incognito tabs on chrome will now be more secure. The tech company declared that soon it will come up with a feature that will make the feature appear more secure to the inquisitive eyes of others. Given this information, soon Android smartphone users will be able to access the Incognito tabs on Google Chrome via their fingerprints.

In 2021, the company has introduced this feature for iOS despite the fact that Android is owned by the company. The part will function as when a user reopens the browser on their Android smartphone, the incognito tabs could be accessed via fingerprint, as noted by 9to5Google. In addition to this, users will be presented with other options as well like Using a screen lock to see open Incognito tabs’ presented in the ‘Privacy and Security’ settings of the app.

Once the feature is activated, the users will be presented with the option ‘Unlock Incognito.’ It will be shown when the browser is closed, and the user wants to regain access to the Incognito tabs again. Additionally, there is another ‘See other tabs’ button as well. It is presented on the Incognito screen. Moreover, it is provided with a menu that closes all other Incognito tabs or settings. In order to close all the Incognito tabs, users can forcefully close the Chrome app.

Either a user enables or disables the feature, it requires verification on the user’s end. Besides fingerprint feature, users can also opt for PIN codes. The unlock will show as soon as the user exits Google Chrome and returns. This feature could be advantageous precisely when the smartphone is used by someone else. The latest feature will be introduced to Android users as part of Data Privacy Day.

Do note that the feature will be rolled out in phases. However, the users can access it via the Chrome flag: chrome://flags/#incognito-reauthentication-for-android. Simply enter this code in the address bar of Chrome and turn the feature on as soon as it appears on your screen.