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The latest update of Pixel Buds Pro brings spatial audio with head tracking

Back in January 2023, tech company Google introduced the static spatial audio feature to Pixel 6 and Pixel 7 series smartphones. The company declared that soon it will introduce the similar feature to Pixel Buds Pro. However, the company didn’t mention any specified timeline. In February 2023, the company was reported to working on the update. After such a long wait, the update is finally here. It is presented with firmware version 4.30. Notably, the update has started rolling out. The company mentioned in the community post that the latest update is equipped with support for spatial audio with head tracking for the Pixel Buds Pro.

The spatial audio feature provides an immersive sound experience. Given this feature, the sound source moves the same way as your head. Spatial audio presents a better user experience. The feature is presented in several high-end devices. However, Google is making efforts to introduce the feature to the company’s recent Pixel smartphones and TWS earbuds. However, do note that the spatial audio feature isn’t provided with the Pixel Buds A-Series or Pixel A-Series phones.

Given that the latest update is installed on your device, the spatial audio feature will be presented in the settings. Both features i.e., spatial audio and head tracking are provided with separate buttons. Make sure to turn on the feature from the Bluetooth settings on the pixel smartphone. Netflix, YouTube, and HBO Max are some of the apps that support the spatial audio feature.

Since October 2022, this is the latest update for Pixel Buds Pro. Where the October 2022 update provided a full 5-band equalizer, controls for left/right balance, and other features. In February 2023, the Pixel Buds app was also updated.

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