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The Most Impactful Online Electrical Safety Training for Your Workers

Modern production is unthinkable without advanced equipment and robotic technology. They significantly facilitate the working process and contribute to the growth of labor productivity but, at the same time, they carry certain risks. One of the most serious and dangerous is related to problems with electricity. To make sure that all your employees know how to deal with critical situations, ask them to complete online electrical safety training.

Online Electrical Safety Training Courses for Your Workforce

To understand how much your employees need electrical awareness training, simply ask them what they will do in a wiring short circuit situation and how dangerous it is. And if you see from their answers that their ignorance puts their lives and company property at risk, contact the experienced trainers at Leaf Electrical Safety. In just a few days, during electrical safety training online, they will train your team to:

  • how to identify possible threats;
  • how to react in a critical situation;
  • arc flash safety rules;
  • how to work at high and low voltage.

Does OSHA recognize online training?

The US Department of Labor requires that all employees who may be exposed to hazards in the performance of their job duties receive safety training. Thanks to the development of digital technologies, electrical safety courses can take place either offline or online. However, for online electrical safety training, OSHA has a requirement that electrical safety online training be held according to programs designed for 10 or 30 training hours. 

Advantages of Online Training with Leaf Electrical Safety

The experienced trainers of Leaf Electrical Safety will provide your employees with practical and effective up-to-date electrical safety knowledge:

  • Electrical safety training topics relevant to different categories of workers;
  • Lively discussions and exchange of experience;
  • Flexible schedule;
  • Small, easy-to-discuss groups;
  • Course completion certificate.

Enroll your team in electrical safety courses to work in a threat-free environment!

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