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The new Google Earth’s update will allow you to measure area and distance

Google Inc. is taking its app called “Google Earth” to another level by allowing people to measure area and distance on the map.

The measurement parameters of the distance is not exactly a new thing launched by Google since Google Maps features a virtual ruler which allows people to measure the distance between the two points on the map. But, the new thing Google added to this feature is the ability to measure the length, width, and area of whatever you need to measure.

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The new feature allows you to select the borders of the area you want to look at, which will help you to measure the buildings on the streets or roads, irregularly-shaped parks, and even states and countries.

This update can also allow you to save the images for reference in the future—a very useful tool if you are a student, a professor, or a just planning to buy a home or any kind of property in a certain area.

The newly-launched feature is easily available on the web version of google earth and Android application, but the company has decided to roll that feature out for iOS soon in the future.

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