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The New Google Pixel Smartphones: They Are This Good!

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Google hit the smartphone market with its brand new Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro phones in October 2021, just one month after Apple’s release of the iPhone 13. With the Pixel 6 series, Google consolidates its position as the market leader in terms of smartphone cameras. Let’s take a look at how spectacular the Pixel 6 camera truly is and if you should ditch your iPhone for this bad boy.

About That Camera

The Pixel 6 camera hardware is not only an upgrade from its predecessor. With a 50MP wide lens, 48MP telephoto “periscope optical zoom” lens (on the Pro version), and a 12 MP ultrawide lens on the rear side of the phone, Google blows the competition straight out of the water.

But it is not just the hardware. The camera is powered by Google’s Tensor chip technology and seems to deliver far better photos than the competition’s, with more nuance in color and shadows, better white balance measurement, far better low-light capabilities, and highly usable photo modes. The Pixel smartphones’ native photo editing software is another strong feature. Removing unwanted objects or photobombers in your compositions is practically child’s play with the software’s Magic Eraser feature.

Google used to grant unlimited storage of google photos for Pixel users. Unfortunately, this benefit will no longer be available to the latest Pixel phone models.

No Bloatware

Samsung users know this all too well. Android phones come with a slew of unwanted apps, skins, and sponsored features. Google seems to side with the users on this annoying aspect of Android phones. The Pixel phones come with a clean Android OS. Some carriers will allow auto installation of carrier apps from the play store on activation, but you can easily uninstall those.

Google Pixel Smartphones Enjoy Android Update Privilege

Google takes care of its own, first. Pixel Smartphone owners stand at the front of the line for any Android OS version update or new security patch rollout. Pixel smartphones also get first access to beta android versions. Not only that. Google also guarantees Android version updates until at least late 2024 and security updates until late 2026, where most carriers stop updating smartphone models that are older than two or three years. The Google Pixel 6 Pro is a great phone, but it’s the spectacular camera features and performance that really make it worthwhile switching phones. If you are serious about your photography or you wish to use your smartphone for professional ends, such as creating and selling stock photos then the Google Pixel 6 Pro is currently your best bet.

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