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The old master’s heart is good for SONY camera external battery experience-SONY


The full-scale rise of the short video industry directly drives the market’s demand for photographic and camera equipment. From simple mobile phone photography to professional-grade camera photography, different photographic equipment has spawned a diverse peripheral accessory market. I don’t know if you have used an inkjet printer. The ink inside is stored by ink cartridges. The capacity is not large, and frequent replacement will be very troublesome. Therefore, peripheral manufacturers have introduced a continuous supply system with a large ink cartridge externally. The printer supplies ink, and today this battery has the same effect.

Direct power to the camera through an external adapter, plug, and play, bid farewell to the annoying problem of camera charging, specially designed for fixed camera shooting, specific how to use, this article will explain to everyone. product description. This external battery adapter comes from Sony, a major camera manufacturer, so there is no need to say more about the compatible model. It’s a bit like a computer adapter, except that the connector uses a battery shape.

This battery is just a shell, very light mass, with a power cord extending out,
W is injection molded on the front of the battery.
There is a hex screw on the back of the battery.
The upper side of the battery is the contact part, which is connected to the camera.
A two-way wire slot is reserved at the bottom of the battery to facilitate wiring.
Sony’s logo is an official Accessories.

The AC power cord is a detachable design.
Adapter sticker printing parameter information, the model of this product is AC-PW20, the input voltage supports 100V-240V 50/60Hz, the input power is 20W, the output is 7.6V2A, made in China, other logos are the safety certification marks of various countries.
The detachable power cord part is designed with two feet.
10A125V~ is injection molded on the plug.
Double-stranded wire, the wire body is embossed with specification information.
The length of the adapter is approximately 126.84 mm.
The width is about 61.49mm.
The height is about 34.81mm.
The length of the AC power cord is approximately 1.4 meters. Compared with the original battery
After reading the appearance, let’s compare it with the original Sony camera battery. The size on this site does not seem to be very different.

The specifications on the back also look the same.
The battery contacts on the top are exactly the same, it seems that compatibility is guaranteed. Use scenario vs. mobile scenario:

If it is mobile use, of course, you still need to use a battery, but now more and more cameras support USB-C interface power supply, it is very convenient to go out while using it while charging. In a fixed scenario:
If it is a fixed camera shooting, such as product picture shooting, time-lapse photography, and long-term video recording, in this use scenario, the external battery can show its talents. The camera used here does not have a cable outlet reserved for the external battery, so it can only be used on an open-top. Up.

It is still very convenient to use in actual measurement, and the length of the wire is sufficient for moving indoors.
The advantages of using an external battery will be more obvious if you use it in a fixed position for a long time.
Be careful when using the extended tail. It will be bad if the camera is overturned and damaged by dragging.
If you are shooting videos for a long time, such an external battery can greatly facilitate the photographer’s work. Of course, you still have to be careful about unexpected situations such as power outages. After all, this external battery does not have a built-in lithium battery.

When you go out with an outdoor power supply, such as shooting time-lapse video or long exposure, the shooting experience is greatly improved in scenes where the camera is used for a long time. Power consumption
Here also test the power of the input terminal, in the camera mode, the input power is about 3.59W.
In the three usage scenarios, the input power varies from 3.59W to 7.31W, which is similar to a small light bulb and is quite power-saving. The charging head net summarizes that as an external battery dedicated to the old master, the big guys who don’t use the camera may not feel much. It is still a bit troublesome to charge several batteries together and replace the batteries when they are used up. However, since this external battery does not have a built-in power storage function, the camera will shut down if the power is accidentally cut off. Pay special attention to video shooting. Be careful of a long power cord.

Thousands of dollars may be gone if you drag the camera. The outlets reserved for different cameras are different. If the camera does not reserve an outlet for the external battery, it can only be transformed into a convertible, but it does not affect the use. Of course, for the old masters who have fixed-camera shooting needs, this artifact is absolutely flawed. At present, various models of batteries on the market have launched corresponding products, so I won’t repeat them here.