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FreeFileSync download folder syncronize


With the free download of FreeFileSync, files and folders can be synchronized and thereby reliable backups of important data can be created. The operation of the open-source tool is kept very simple: you only have to enter two different directories and click on the compare button. The program then lists all the different files and folders in an overview. FreeFileSync version 11.16 is currently available.

FreeFileSync download & installation

The latest version of FreeFileSync supports the operating systems Windows 10, 8.1, 8, and 7, both in 32-bit and 64-bit versions. The software is also available for Apple Mac OS and Linux. During installation, FreeFileSync can be integrated directly into the Windows “Send To” menu. Some virus scanners could classify the software as malware, but this is a false positive, as the developer says on his website explained.

Sync and compare folders

In the comparison settings, you can specify which criteria are used for this. The date and the file size as well as the file content can be used for the comparison. You can also determine whether symbolic links or links are to be taken into account or not. Filters can be used to exclude individual files or directories from synchronization. The age and size of the files can also be used for the filter rules. With the button “Synchronize” you then bring both folders up to date. Several setting options are also available here. You can use two-way synchronization, mirror files, update them, or define your own synchronization rules.

Other features

FreeFileSync also offers the option of automating the synchronization process as a batch task. The program can even be used across platforms (Windows / Linux). In addition to local hard drives, it also supports USB sticks and is portable.

FreeFileSync donation version

FreeFileSync can basically be used free of charge. However, the developer also offers one Donation version with bonus features. This then enables the parallel copying of several files at the same time, an automatic update function, a portable and silent installation as well as e-mail notifications.