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The recent Good Lock module by Samsung makes sharing system settings and config options quite easy

The Good Lock software and all its various modules by Samsung introduce a variety of new features as well as customization options for Galaxy users. these features are not available with any other Android devices. Following the release of One UI 5, several new modules have been released by the South Korean firm. These include DropShip, Camera Assistant, and RegiStar. As of now, the current Good Lock module is making its first appearance. This time it will offer an easy transfer of custom system settings across devices.

It is also termed Galaxy to Share. The latest module enables the users to transfer Good Lock settings to other Samsung devices. While the new customization list of the phone is not included in this feature update given the expanding list of Good Lock plugins and their capacities, the capability to share and sync different settings is still a comfortable addition.

As of now, Galaxy to Share validates sharing settings of the following Good Lock modules: ClockFace, Keys Café, LockStar, MultiStar, NavStar, QuickStar, Home Up, One Hand Operation+, Sound Assistant, and Theme Park. Furthermore, the module can be used to share the device theme, wallpaper, system settings, and Always On Display customizations. The plugin displays Dropship integration for easy sharing.

In contrast to Camera Assistant, Galaxy to Share is not a sovereign app. It requires the installation of Good Lock on your Samsung device. Currently, it is only available to users in Korea. Moreover, the module has region restrictions. Where this limitation is temporary and is likely to be removed soon. Similarly, the DropShip was initially available to consumers in Korea, but slowly after its launch, it was made available across other countries as well.

Similar to other new Good Lock modules, this new plugin is only consistent with Galaxy devices based on Android 13-based One UI 5.