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Elon Musk Meets Apple CEO Tim Cook To Calm Down The Rift Between The Companies

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Last weekend, Elon Musk launched an attack on Apple, accusing the company of obstructing free speech and exploiting app providers via the App Store. But now Tim Cook and Elon Musk have met and everything is back to normal.

A few days ago, the new Twitter boss complained that Apple had threatened to throw the short message service’s app out of its store. The company from Cupertino, California, allegedly did not give Twitter a reason, Musk said last weekend. The Twitter boss then began a sweeping attack, accusing Apple of suppressing freedom of expression and exploiting other companies with the 30 percent share it collects in the App Store.

As a result, the Tesla and Twitter boss was invited to Apple’s headquarters (Cupertino is just a half-hour drive from Fremont, where Tesla has one of its headquarters) and he spoke to Apple CEO Tim Cook about the alleged app threat. store operator.

Labeled It As a “misunderstanding”

And suddenly everything is half as bad if ever an issue. Because after the conversation with Cook and a tour of the Apple campus, Musk wrote that it was all a misunderstanding. So Musk said after the meeting: “Good conversation. Among other things, we cleared up the misunderstanding that Twitter could possibly be removed from the App Store. Tim made it clear that Apple had never considered this.”

It’s unknown what else the two talked about and if Musk’s threat to go to “war” on the 30 percent “tax” was an issue. However, the Twitter boss subsequently deleted an associated meme tweet.

It is unlikely that this means that Apple will waive the 30 percent cut on Twitter. Because as nice as the conversation between Musk and Cook may have been, Apple is by no means known for making exceptions to its strict store rules. It is more conceivable that Cook has made it clear to the Twitter boss that he can only lose a “war” with Apple.

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