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The Settlers will be released in March, the closed beta will start soon

The Settlers


It has been known for a while that Ubisoft Blue Byte is working on the next branch of the strategy game series The Settlers. After a long period of radio silence around the project, it is now clear: The new Settlers will start in March, and the closed beta will start in a few days. There is also a new trailer for the game.

The new game in the cult series was announced in 2018, but unfortunately a release was pushed back again and again. But now it should all go very quickly, because Ubisoft has already announced the start for March 17 of this year. The new The Settlers is intended to mark a new start in the series, so a number in the title was deliberately omitted. Nothing has changed in the basic game idea, so players will continue to be able to build and expand their own settlements and ultimately defend them against enemies.

The settlers with Snowdrop engine

As the trailer shows, The Settlers has been completely redeveloped on the basis of a new engine (Snowdrop), which means that the settlements look much more detailed and lively. Ubisoft also promises, among other things, improved, modern game mechanics and specialized settlers. There are three factions, the Elari, Maru, and Jorn, each with their own unique traits and playstyle. The game is played either alone in a campaign or in onslaught mode, in which special challenges have to be overcome. Online, up to eight players can scurry through the game world at the same time and engage in exciting battles.

Beta testing will start soon

If Ubisoft manages to deliver a successful reboot of the series, you can find out with a bit of luck as early as January 20th, when the game starts the closed beta (end: January 24th). You can register for participation apply on the official website. A user account with Ubisoft Connect or the Epic Games Store is required.