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PlayStation Plus will be Sony Game Pass: Phil Spencer


The Xbox Game Pass is a success story, Microsoft has created a service with its game subscription that is unrivaled in the industry. Sony currently has PlayStation Plus and this service is said to be approaching Game Pass soon. No wonder, says Phil Spencer. Even though PlayStation Plus has some parallels to Xbox Game Pass, Microsoft clearly has the edge with its service.

This is mainly due to the fact that Sony’s games are usually available via PS Now streaming. Microsoft’s offer is much more extensive, the Xbox Game Pass offers console and PC games in the Ultimate version, there is also streaming. Sony has officially denied for years that something like Game Pass would also be of interest to the PlayStation manufacturer, but now there are increasing indications that something similar is being prepared behind the scenes under the name Spartacus.

Sony to follow suit

Phil Spencer, Xbox boss and certainly also the co-father of Game Pass, is not at all surprised if this is actually the case. Like him opposite IGN said it was “inevitable” and also the “correct answer”. Spencer: “I don’t want to sound like we solved everything on Xbox, but I think the right answer is to give customers the power to play the games they want to play, where they want to play and giving them the choice of how to build their library.” In addition, the Microsoft manager said that one should be transparent to gamers about the plans in terms of PC and cross-gen initiatives and other things.

The top Microsoft gamer continued, “So when I hear about others doing things like Game Pass or bringing games to PC, it makes sense to me because I think that’s the right answer.” Spencer says he’s not trying to confirm his own strategy, it’s just inevitable. Spencer: “Because I think the right answer is to get great games out there, on PC, on console, in the cloud, and make them available on subscription on day one.”


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