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These 38 Android apps should be removed, advises McAfee

According to a recent report from Phonerena, McAfee researchers have identified 38 Android apps that have the potential to infect your device with malware. Smartphones are always vulnerable to being infected with malware. Malware can access a device in several different ways. However, one of the most common methods is by downloading a malicious file or app.

One of the most recent incidents involved the “HiddenAds” campaign developed by the McAfee Mobile Research Team. It features 38 Android games that were found on the Google Play Store. Depicted from the name, these games run ads in the background and generate illegal revenue for creators. As per McAfee’s report, these apps have around 35 million downloads across the globe. Some of these apps even crossed 10 million downloads. The United States, Canada, South Korea, and Brazil are among the most-affected regions.

When an ad runs in the background without permission it presents a bad user experience. it has the potential to slow down the device, freeze the device while using the app, and create sudden crashes. It is even more difficult to identify the root cause of the issue in such cases. The company says that Google has been informed about the infected apps. None of these apps now appear in the Play Store. Below is the list of the infected Android apps:

  • Block Pixelart Tree Pro
  • Craft Mini Lucky Fun
  • Block Earth Skyland World
  • Block Rainbow Monster Castle
  • Block Fun Rainbow Builder
  • Block Forrest Tree Crazy
  • Block Pro Forrest Diamond
  • Block Game Skyland Forrest
  • Block Rainbow Sword Dragon
  • Craft Rainbow Mini Builder
  • Craft Dragon Diamond Robo
  • Craft Clever Monster Castle
  • Block Monster Diamond Dragon
  • Craft World Fun Robo
  • Block Box Master Diamond
  • Craft Sword Mini Fun
  • Block Loki Monster Builder
  • Block Boy Earth Mini
  • Block Crazy Builder City
  • Craft Sword Vip Pixelart
  • Block City Fun Diamond
  • Craft City Loki Rainbow
  • Craft Castle Sun Rain
  • Craft Game Earth World
  • Craft Lucky Castle Builder
  • Craftsman: Building City 2022
  • Craft Rainbow Pro Rain
  • Block Lucky Master Earth
  • Craft Forrest Mini Fun
  • Craft Sword City Pro
  • Craft Boy Clever Sun
  • Block City Dragon Sun
  • Block Box Skyland Sword
  • Craft Monster Crazy Sword
  • Block World Tree Monster
  • Block Diamond Boy Pro
  • Craft Loki Forrest Monster
  • Lokicraft: Forrest Survival 3D

Do check this list and uninstall any of the apps that you have installed on your device.

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