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These 5 Apps Will Work As Ad Block For Android On Your Device

Adblocker Chrome 80

Ads on your android device sometimes get annoying; many users do not like ads especially when they are interrupting the normal use patterns, here are 5 major android apps that can serve as Ad block for Android for your device.


Ad Block Plus is the android app that works as a browser in order to bypass all advertisements that you face on your android device, although, some ads are allowed on the browser e.g. Google ads or non-intrusive ads that do not interfere with your normal mobile surfing. You can download the app here.

Free AdBlocker Browser

Free Adblocker Browser is another android browser that allows you to block unnecessary ads on your device while using the internet. This private browser with Adblock provides you ad-free web experience and private browsing service. This ad block browser blocks video ads, banners ads, and popups that are quite disturbing for many users. You can download the app here.

AdBlock For Android

The website is getadblock.com which provides Adblock android solution, according to the details the app block annoying ads including pop-ups, auto-play video ads, and audio ads on Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, and everywhere else on the web. It is an AdBlock completely free, it is the content blocker for the Samsung Internet browser, with over 50 million users across all platforms. Download the app here.

AdGuard For Android

AdGuard for Android is another popular app that does the ad removal job perfectly for android users. AdGuard is a unique no root ad blocker for Android that removes ads in apps and browsers, protects your privacy, and helps you manage your apps. You can download the app here.


Brave is a Chromium-based browser that’s built with privacy front and center. Ad-blocking is enabled out of the box and doesn’t require any configuration. Just install the app, and it will start blocking ads, cross-site trackers and cookies, fingerprinting, and more on every site you visit. You can disable the blocker on your favorite sites. Download the app here.