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Third-Party Apps Slow Down Startup In Windows 11 Update

The distribution of the major update for Microsoft’s Windows 11 operating system that was released yesterday is not without problems. As the company reports, it happens that some third-party tools prevent the system from starting.

If so, Windows 11 fails to boot properly after installing KB5022913. According to Microsoft, some tools cause problems when working with revised Explorer.exe. The result is that the processes are caught in a loop and further steps are not processed until the system is fully booted.

The difficulties are said to arise with tools for customizing the user interface, specifically the applications ExplorerPatcher and StartAllBack are named by the Redmond developers. These types of applications often use unsupported methods to achieve their work results and hence may cause unintended effects on the Windows system, it said.

Uninstall recommended

Microsoft recommends uninstalling any third-party UI customization applications before installing KB5022913 to avoid issues. If it is already too late, you may need to contact the customer support of the provider of the tool in question. For users who use StartAllBack, updating to the latest version (3.5.6 or higher) can sometimes prevent the problems.

Microsoft announced that it would keep an eye on the difficulties with the above and others and, if necessary, provide its own solutions to the problems or at least provide more detailed information. However, it was also made clear that the main responsibility lies with the providers of the respective tools since they do not use the interfaces officially provided by Microsoft.

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