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Windows 11 KB5007651 Bug Compromises Device Security

Microsoft periodically distributes the KB5007651 update for the Windows Security Platform on Windows 11. Now users are once again reporting problems after the update, which express themselves in such a way that the device security may no longer be given.

It was noticed after the recent update for Windows 11 – and it’s a problem that comes up again and again. At the beginning of the year, the online magazine Windows Report reported problems with the KB5007651 update for the Windows Security Platform.

At that time there was a conflict with third-party antivirus software so KB5007651 crashed during installation and could not be used by many Windows 11 users. This time, a problem manifests itself after the installation has been completed.

Is device security compromised?

According to the report, the “Protection by local security authority” integrated into Windows Security / Device Security is deactivated after the update. If you look for the error in the various forums, it becomes clear that an error message is often displayed that the protection has been deactivated, but the switch is set to “on”, so the function should be activated.

This effect has also been observed. After manual activation and a subsequent restart, the reactivation message also appears, although the protection is displayed as activated in the settings. So far, there is no information from Microsoft about the problem with KB5007651. If it is again a compatibility problem with antivirus solutions, you will have to wait for updates.

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