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This latest MagSafe Charger from UGREEN has everything you need

The latest MagSafe charger has been announced by UGREEN following the launch of the iPhone 15. This latest charger has everything you might need. This latest charger is a 100-watt one with MagSafe. This charger provides the facility of MagSafe charging along with a tilted top, making it useful for iOS 17’s StandBy feature. As it’s a MagSafe, you can use it to charge your iPhone as well as your AirPods.

Other than that, it contains USB-C and USB-A ports on the front. USB-C ports are capable of 100W charging, but they must be the only ones that are being used at the time. In case you’re using both ports, it’ll be 65W and 30W, respectively. As for the USB-A port, it’s 22.5W. As this charger has a capacity of 100W, the more ports you use, the slower it’ll get.

Additionally, there’s another USB-C port that’ll be the perfect one to charge your Apple Watch or can be used to charge your laptop as well. This device is perfect for your working desk.

The device is a bit expensive but compared to what it provides, it’s worth it

The UGREEN Nexode 100W Charger with MagSafe costs $179 on a normal basis, which is quite expensive. However, it is currently discounted to $139. It’s a decent launch deal, but it’s not certain how long it will last.

It does seem expensive at $179, but consider this: Take this with you everywhere you go, and it will charge everything. One charger for your watch, laptop, headphones, and phone Of course, something this strong will cost a hefty penny.