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In the US, the iPhone 15 series supports only eSIM

The Cupertino-based tech company initially used the eSIM with the iPhone XS and XR series. Last year, the company abandoned the traditional SIM slot option and debuted the iPhone 14 series with just the eSIM option in the US market. Interestingly, the company has used a similar approach with the new iPhone 15 series for the US market.

Reportedly, four different variants have been introduced. According to the available information, the US models have support for dual eSIMs. They are the only models that feature mmWave. Another variant is specific to the North American, Mexican, Japanese, and Canadian markets. Notably, this version is similar to the global variant that comes with one physical nano-SIM slot and one eSIM slot. It also features dual eSIM operation as an option.

According to details, the company has debuted a dual nano-SIM option for the Chinese market. It means that the Chinese model is the only model that doesn’t feature support for eSIM. Reportedly, this model will be sold in Macao and Hong Kong.

For a device to work with an eSIM, carrier support is crucial. Besides this, the eSIM feature is more common and convenient to use in some regions than others. Perhaps the company opted out of an all-in eSIM option due to this particular reason, and this might continue in the future. As of now, all iPhones are built on the same principle and design, except for the ones with an eSIM option that have just wasted space.

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