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TikTok is Now Back to Normal

TikTok was down a few hours earlier. But now the service is back to normal.


On Tuesday, July 6th, some TikTokkers reported logging in issues. We first heard of it when The Verge highlighted the issue. However, as of today (July 7th), the app is getting back to normal.

TikTok also reported the same and around 8 hours ago highlighted this issue in a tweet. And then replied to that first tweet when the issue was resolved. The company said:

In a recent post, Jay Peters of The Verge said:

Earlier on Tuesday, I wasn’t able to log in to the app on either the web or my phone. When I tried, I got the following message: “There is a small problem with the server, fixing it now.”

Jay Peters was not the only one to face this issue. More than 40,000 users reported this problem. Many users took it to Twitter, highlighting the issue with #tiktokdown.

TikTok is now back to normal.

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